Clinical Education

As Suffolk County’s only ACS Level-I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center, Stony Brook is a regional resource trauma center central to the trauma care system. Level-I trauma centers not only must be capable of providing comprehensive trauma care for every aspect of injury from prevention to rehabilitation, but also play an integral role in trauma education within the trauma system. Consistent with that, Stony Brook Trauma Center is a leader in trauma education, research and system planning throughout the trauma system and the community it serves!

Level-I trauma centers are valuable sources of information and education due in large part to the clinical expertise developed from dealing the region’s most major injuries. That expertise, and reliance on current trauma system data, allows Stony Brook Trauma Center to prioritize needs for education and improvement in the trauma system, both in and out of the hospital. Our trauma outreach and clinical education experts are leaders in their field, educating both the community and clinical professionals on the most currents trends in injury prevention and trauma care.

Education programs coordinated by the Stony Brook Trauma Center include:

Community Education

Clinical Education

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