Injury Prevention

Accidents Happen, But Most Injuries Are Preventable

Here at Stony Brook, we know most injuries do not happen by accident. Injuries happen in predictable ways, which means they can be prevented. We know car seats and seat belt keep us safe on the road, helmets protect our heads from injury, and exercise programs can help prevent falls in older adults. That is why the Stony Brook Trauma Team is dedicated to injury prevention and outreach in our community.  We strive to share the best ideas in injury prevention with the community so that you can make the best decisions when it comes to your safety. 

Stony Brook’s Level I Trauma Center combines research with action by:

  • Following injury trends in Suffolk County
  • Identifying priority areas for injury prevention based on local data
  • Planning, implementing, and evaluating prevention programs that meet the needs of the community
  • Education for medical professionals and the community
  • Working with local, state and national organizations

Most Common Injuries Requiring Hospitalization by Age Group in Suffolk County:

Young Children (0-5 years): Falls and Scald Burns

Older Children (5-15 years): Falls, Motor Vehicle Crashes and Bicycle Injuries

Teens and Adults (15-65years): Motor Vehicle Crashes, Motorcycle Crashes and Falls

Seniors (over 65 years): Falls and Motor Vehicle Crashes

The Trauma Center is working to reduce these common types of injuries by offering community programs to increase awareness and provide safety education. 

For more information, please contact our Injury Prevention & Outreach Coordinator:

Kristi Ladowski, MPH
Phone: (631) 444-8385