Fall Prevention for Adults

Learning how to prevent a fall is especially important for those over age 65. In this age group, falls both in the home and in the community, are the leading cause of injury related death, hospitalization and emergency department visits.

Fortunately, most falls are preventable. In our fall prevention programs, open to the community and free of charge, you can learn to recognize risks and stop falls before they happen. You will also practice important exercises designed specifically to improve balance. If your concern is for a loved one, come learn what you can do to make the home safer.

We offer workshops in a variety of locations — libraries, senior centers, private community club houses and workplaces throughout Suffolk County. Wherever you choose to learn, our programs include:

  • A Matter of Balance – emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels. This 8-session workshop meets for 2 hours each session. Participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable. 
  • Stepping-On Workshop – proven to reduce the risk of falls by up to 50 percent. This seven-week class meets for two hours each week. You will leave feeling stronger and steadier wherever you go, and have more balance confidence throughout your day.
  • Lessons in Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention - an ancient martial art consisting of simple, flowing, coordinated movements that help strengthen your legs, make you more flexible and improve your balance. Taught by a trained Tai Chi instructor. This eight-week class meets twice a week, for 60 minutes.

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Our programs are evidence-based, meaning they are supported by the most current research on effective fall intervention. We also incorporate research studies on treating underlying diseases that could eventually lead to falls. We provide proven assessment information to help you fall-proof your environment and eliminate hazards, along with prevention strategies to keep you safe wherever you go.

As the Suffolk County’s only Level I Trauma Center for adults and children, it’s our job to keep the community safe, by stopping traumatic injuries before they happen. To request a free fall prevention workshop or find out the location of a class near you, call us at (631) 444-8385. Or complete the form below for yourself or a friend/family member to be contacted about our programs.