Faster Diagnosis Leads to Faster Treatment. A trauma center depends on a fast, correct diagnosis. That’s why Stony Brook has not only invested in some of the most advanced imaging equipment available, but also has installed it directly in or adjacent to the Emergency Department. This shaves valuable minutes when every second counts in several ways: 

  • There is no wasted time in transporting patients to another unit for testing
  • There is no lag between testing and results — images are reconstructed in 3-D and read in real time by radiology specialists available 24/7
  • The equipment is available for immediate repeat tests if a patient’s condition begins to change. 

 Available technology includes: 

  • Bedside x-ray and monitoring
  • Two on-site CT machines: one, a top-of-the-line GE VCT 64-slice scanner, the other a 320-slice scanner used for advanced cardiac and trauma imaging
  • Two new, wide-bore MRI machines — a 3T and a 1.5 T — adjacent to the emergency department
  • Equipment for special procedures, such as bleed studies and minimally invasive interventions
  • Nearby angiogram room 

More Accurate Diagnoses Lead to Appropriate Treatment. Fast is meaningless if it is not accurate. Stony Brook’s Trauma Center works closely with the manufacturers to obtain the latest generation equipment and software — for example, technology that has higher resolution, lower margin for error, greater magnification — and to train physicians and technologists to use it skillfully. Typically, we are the first facility in the region to obtain and master the equipment so we also train other doctors in the community on its use. 

In addition, the Emergency Department and Trauma Center utilize “carts” to bring critical equipment to the bedside and expedite care. The trauma resuscitation cart is constantly updated and restocked to ensure that necessary equipment is immediately available to the trauma team and the patient.